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About Us
Craft Gourmet Bakery was built around the distinct sense of joy you feel when sharing something you are passionate about with the people you love.

Our mission: To share our love and passion for our crafts.
Our vision: To be living proof that hard work, integrity, care and innovation at all levels creates success.

Our Team

CHEF JORDAN            Owner/ Executive Chef

A small town girl from Garden City KS, baking with her mother and grandmother since she was big enough to hold a whisk and rolling pin. Her grandmother was famous for her amazing pies, she passed along her steady hands and obsession for perfection in the kitchen. After earning a degree in baking and pastry, Jordan spent a few years working in Louisville, KY, working in the kitchens she accredits her palate to. A transplant to Pensacola in 2013, She met George and Luba Lazi in December 2014 and joined the team at George Artisan Bakery & Bistro, designing the pastry and dessert selection and eventually leading the bread department.  Ready to bring her own dream to reality but not lose the excitement built at George Artisan, the idea of Craft was conceived.


Join Our Team

​Great treats. Great people.

That’s what Craft Gourmet Bakery is all about.


We look for individuals who share our passion for producing freshly baked desserts, breads and coffee with outstanding customer service. Our staff and their commitment to creating hand crafted products and providing friendly, attentive and informed customer service is what sets us apart. As we grow, we are always looking for additional teammates.


Attending pastry school now? Another love we have is for sculpting young chefs as they begin their culinary career.  If you qualify for an externship or cooperation through your school, we can introduce you to the world of working in a bakery.




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